Monday, January 5, 2015

Learning in 2015

Hi everyone,

2015 is here already! And I wanted to share with you all a great resource - Geeks on Tour. Jim and Chris are travelling around the US and teach classes and make videos about technology as they go. Their focus is travel technology with loads of tutorials on tablets and smartphones (not all of them are free though).

I came across them while searching for information and help with moving all my photos out of iPhoto (Apple will be dropping iPhoto in 2015 and everything will move to 'Photos' - the same as on iPad). This is the video I used and it was really very helpful. Plus it prompted me to finally back up all 4000+ photos in iPhoto to an external hard drive!

So, make a cuppa, and check out their website, in particular their video tutorial page. You can also find them on YouTube and Facebook.

In the next couple of days I'll have some news for you all, so keep an eye out in your inbox!


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