Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday 19 August 2013

Thanks to everyone for two great classes today. I am attempting to make sense of my notes from this morning so I can share them with you all in a meaningful and useful way. Please stay tuned for another blog post tomorrow about file management moving files around.

This is the information about the open day next week at the State Archives in Kingswood: Local History News - State Records Open Day.

In the meantime, here are my key tips for managing your files:
  1. Delete everything you don't need to keep! 
  2. Open up Finder and take a look at the Downloads folder, remember this is everything you've opened or accessed via email and the internet.
  3. As you open a document/photo from an email or download from the internet, decide where to move it and move it straight away!
  4. Make folders in your Document folder (in Finder) that correspond to your own paper filing or whatever makes sense to you. 
  5. To make a new folder, right click in the white space of Finder and select New Folder. To rename, click on the newly created folder once, then again on the folder name, then type the new name and press Return to save.
The afternoon class had a fun couple of hours working on their mouse and trackpad skills. It seemed a little silly to start with, however using the trackpad or mouse well gives you confidence and improves hand eye coordination! There was some pretty hot competition for the highest score on 3 Monkeys and Starry Night!

Whether you are morning or afternoon class, have a go at these links and games, you might be surprised.
  • Skillful Senior Mouse Skills  These exercises are great. (Please don't attempt the 'Arrows Tutorial' which comes after the 'Mouse Tutorial' as the instructions do not match Mac keyboards!)
  • Mouse Practice Simple mouse/trackpad exercises to get your fingers warmed tomorrow.
  • 3 Monkeys Can you figure out how to catch the fruit and protect the monkeys from the bomb?
  • Starry Night Can you make the star bounce across the falling stars to light up the sky?
  • Solitaire  Yes! Solitaire is great for practicing dropping and dragging, double clicking and moving the mouse or trackpad around the screen.
See you all next Monday,


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