Monday, October 29, 2012

Info from today's AM class

Hi all,

We covered quite a bit this morning including: Address book groups and Word for Mac and Pages.

We looked at:

Urban Dictionary to keep up to date with all the weird language grandkids and kids are using these days!

Macquarie Dictionary

And also Pinterest.

Dates and topics for the next few weeks are:

5/11 - no classes as it is the Computer Club's General Meeting. 10.30 am at Kincumber Pub.
12/11 - will be a full session on Word for Mac and Pages. We will create a document and learn formatting, page layout and inserting images.
19/11 - welcome to Pinterest! Setting up an account, following, pinning and exploring.
26/11 - we will tackle iPhoto again.

See you in a fortnight!

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