Saturday, May 19, 2012

Monday 14 May

Thanks for such great morning and afternoon sessions, I hope you are enjoying them as much as me!

And thanks to Helen for prompting us discover the joys of a bigger cursor!!  Here's how:

  • Open Systems Preferences
  • select Universal Access
  • then Mouse & Trackpad (or it might be just Mouse)
  • Use the slider to move the Cursor size bigger and smaller, it will change as you slide making it easy to decide how big you need it!

Don't forget: Command + Q for quitting a program completely. 

Two websites which you may find useful:
My First Mac
Switching to Mac

Web browsers and the internet: 21 May 
Pages/Word and printing: 28 May
iPhoto: 4 June
No class (public holiday): 11 June
Classes in AM and PM (topics TBA): 18 June
No class (last week of term): 25 June

See you on Monday!

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