Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12 March 2012

Retrieving a forgotten password from Keychain.

Mail Assistant for setting up Mail to receive your webmail (Bigpond, Optus, TPG, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail).  Just follow the instructions.
Setting up Smart Mailboxes.

I am still searching for an answer to the text box problem in Pages but in the meantime...

Downloading movies from YouTube
Instead of Wondershare, perhaps try YouTube Downloader. Its a free app which seems to work well.  Be aware that you can only download non-copyrighted or personal videos.

Free audio books and e-books
CCProse on YouTube - audio recordings of classic literature accompanied by synchronised text on the screen.
Librivox - listen to free audiobooks, download them to your iPod or iPad or help Librivox by recording a chapter.
Project Gutenberg -  thousands of free ebooks in multiple formats.
And you can now download audiobooks from Gosford Library!

Facebook privacy and account settings change regularly. So if you are on Facebook, you need to check your settings every few months or when you hear about changes Facebook has made.  Make sure all your settings allow FRIENDS ONLY to see your information, no-one else.  This is the simplest way to make sure you are (relatively) safe on Facebook.  This video walks you through each page (it does not have any audio).

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